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  • "As raw and natural as possible, just the way nature intended."
    K9 Bros
  • "Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better."
    Albert Einstein
  • "Noah was a righteous man... for he fed the animals."
    Book of Genesis

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K9 Bros was founded in the East Village by David, a Cornell graduate food scientist, who after creating vitamins for Nature's Bounty and nutrition bars like the Zone Bar and Pure Protein, sought to create natural foods for dogs.

K9 Bros was founded with the philosophy of feeding dogs what they are naturally meant to eat, without antibiotics, hormones, or fillers. All our premium foods are made with the finest human grade ingredients, carved and seasoned by hand and gently cured to ensure the integrity of the food and the taste dogs love.

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  • Box 1541, East Village, New York, 10009
  • (855) K9-BROS9 (855-592-7679)
  • info@k9bros.com

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